The Gold Standard


Software Development has changed considerably from a decade or two ago. While writing secure code (secure programming) is still a critical component of the secure software lifecycle, there is a great deal more to consider. Formal and structured software development methodology became a necessity for any organization that develops code.

Despite its known flaws, certifications are a great way to attest outsourced development can build solutions with the same level of quality practiced in large and well-established enterprises. Certifications are a good way to verify a certain level of expertise has been reached among team members and to provide a meaningful measurement to customers. Engineers, especially in developing countries, should ponder the recognition a credible certification can bring to their work. I recently provided a quote to (ISC)2 about the value of CSSLP. The certification has reached the 1,000 certified professionals milestone this year and I wonder if it will eventually replace CISSP, known by many as the industry gold standard.

Speaking of (ISC)2, Caleb Sima, Tony UcedaVelez, Mikhael Felker, Stuart Schwartz and I will be speaking at the (ISC)² SecureSDLC 2011 – SoCal November 1st in Anaheim, CA. This should be a great one-day event.