Cassio Goldschmidt
On Information Security and Privacy



Papers and Blog Posts


  • Single author of Directory Band: a Windows 2000 shell extension used to access information in directories (LDAP and AD), SQL databases and webpages using extensible COM component based architecture. USPTO number 6,772,194 (Cisco Systems)
  • Single inventor of a markup language to plot network topologies and generic graphs (TOPOML). TOPOML runs on web browsers as a Java Applet plug-in. USPTO number 7,075,536 and 7,292,246 (Cisco Systems)
  • Co-author of a patented method for speeding up disk volumes traversal while examining file content. This patent increased the performance of Norton AntiVirus scans by 18%. USPTO number 7,949,665 (Symantec Corp)
  • Single inventor of Automated remediation of corrupted and tempered files. This patent brings together the power of corporate backup products with deployment solutions to auto correct files that are corrupted or contaminated with viruses. USPTO number 8,745,001 (Symantec)