Cassio Goldschmidt
On Information Security and Privacy

Sample Videos

Expert Panel: Passwords, Password Management, and Two-Factor / Multi-Factor Authentication

Innovate Pasadena CyberSecurity - February 27 2017, Pasadena, California

Cassio Goldschmidt, Art Poghosyan, and Michael Cottingham, join forces during this extremely informative Innovate Pasadena CyberSecurity Meetup. Hosted in the ADP Innovation Center and led by Michael Schell, the experts discuss access control risks, password management, and two-factor/multi-factor authentication. Some of the questions answered include:
- Why should people care that their personal email has been hacked?
- What are some of the credential theft trends you are seeing and how do they impact consumers and businesses?
- What are some best practices around password management?
- What are your thoughts on two-factor and multi-factor authentication?
- Any advice for password logging?
- How does human behavior change the way you apply and monitor controls?

Dissecting Bitcoin Security

OWASP AppSec Cali 2016 - January 26 2016, Santa Monica, California

Bitcoin introduced a new form of organization and consensus. Activities that previously required central authorities can now be decentralized. This has profound implications for security. In this presentation Cassio reviews and dissects some of Bitcoin’s core components and their security controls. Cassio analyzes each control and how they could be used in other domains.

Responsibility for the Harm and Risk of Security Flaws

Black Hat DC 2011 - January 18 2011, Washington DC

Software vulnerabilities are a vexing problem for the state of information assurance and security. Who is responsible for the risk and harm of software security is controversial. Deliberation of the responsibility for harm and risk due to software security flaws requires considering how incentives (and disincentives) and network effects shape the practices of vendors and adopters, and the consequent effects on the state of software security. This presentation looks at these factors in more detail in the context of private markets and public welfare.