Los Angeles, November 20th, 2011


To Whom It May Concern:


I’m writing today to express my utmost disappoint with the quality of the service, installation, product and professionalism provided by 3 day blinds in Los Angeles. I’ve been requesting a refund on an order paid in full in cash that has been invoiced on July 2nd and according to the 3 day blinds invoice should have been delivered July 5th. The local branch refuses to provide such refund. This leaves me with no other choice other than involving 3 day blinds headquarters to take prompt corrective action (i.e. within 72 hours) before I call the attention of authorities and publish my experience on numerous consumer sites on the internet.

Lured by a Groupon discount of $300, I decided to put new shades on my condo with 3 days blinds. According to the 3 day blinds invoice I purchased:



3)      To be delivered on 7/5/2011

After several months of distress dealing with 3 day blinds I learned I purchased a lie:

1)      Hunter Douglas does not have a motorized shade that can be installed with the blinds I purchased, even though the entire sales process was supervised by an “experienced 3 day blinds sales consultant” who came to my condo and measured the window a couple of times to ensure the product would work

2)      The “inside mount” sticks out more than 1 inch, allowing light to enter the room as shown in the picture

3)      5 months after, one of the blinds has not yet been delivered and 3 day blinds refuses to provide my refund.

4)      The Groupon discount was not honored as 3 day blinds provided a built-in discount in the deal.


If 3 day blinds is providing a discount for any purchase over a certain value, wouldn’t it be more transparent to put in their Groupon fine print that the coupon is only valid for 3 day blinds purchases up to a certain value? A formal complaint about 3 day blinds to Groupon is on the way, including a copy of this message.

On August 2nd (1 month after!) Shannon Helling ([email protected]) calls me to let me know the blinds cannot be motorized and have not been ordered. By this time of the year the value preposition of having shades to sleep comfortably during summer months is gone. I start to regret doing business with a company that promises a good delivered by a certain date and cannot make it nor keeps me up to date on the status of my order. On top of it, the product I initially wanted that was sold by an “expert consultant” does not exist.

Although disappointed, we agreed to go ahead with the manual blinds. My wife is pregnant and we were pressed for time to get our home ready for our newborn. Shannon told us the value of the engines would be refunded.

On September 18th (another month later!), I still don’t have ANY of the blinds but a refund check of US$22.01 arrives. This was far less than the refund I was expecting so I wrote another email to Shannon asking what happened. Shannon states that the refund should have been $594 but then she corrects to $572.64. Is the refund process simply a matter of applied math or guesswork? On Sept 23rd I received an email stating the total amount of the refund was $572.64. What should I think? A problem with accounting? An ethical problem? “Integrity”, “Superior Client Experience” and “Excellence” those are the words in every 3 day blinds email signature. So far I haven’t experienced anything that resembles these qualities.

September 24th was the first installation attempt. One blind came with missing parts and the other one came damaged. Shall I suggest 3 day blinds add the word “fiasco” to every email signature? My wife wrote a long email detailing everything that happens during installation.

October 11th (another month later) was the second installation attempt for the baby’s room blind. No word on the other blind. I was on a business trip abroad but on my return I found a blind that lets sun enter the room on the top as displayed on this picture.

In addition this upper box sticks over 1 inch out of the window box. The installer suggested us to buy duct tape to mitigate the issue. Is this the meaning of “excellence” for 3 day blinds?

On October 23rd I wrote an email stating the issue and the fact the installation was below our expectations and we decided to cancel the second order.

After this date there are no emails from 3 day blinds. No attempts to fix the defective installation and no responses about the refund in writing as we requested a number of times. I did receive a call from Jesus “Will” Padiernos ([email protected]) on November 18th (another month!) explaining 3 day blinds is unable to provide refund at this point of time. When I asked if I was allowed to record his explanation and perhaps the fact the blind would be delivered, according to him, in “2 or 3 days” (should I trust him?), he refused to collaborate.

Is 3 blinds a shady business? Do sales representatives sell items that do not exist just to get their commissions? Do they honor discounts? How often the company mistakenly provides incorrect refunds? Is it common practice to come to customers with defective products and leave with poor installations behind? At a very minimum I expect 3 day blinds to audit their Los Angeles operation, to provide a refund to unsatisfied customers and provide a formal apology. 


I look forward to your written response no later than Wednesday November 23rd, 2011.



Cassio Goldschmidt

PS: 10+ other reasons why 3 day blinds Los Angeles operation should be audited: