CISO Series


I had the most excellent time chatting with Rich Rich Stroffoline in today’s Cyber Security Headlines podcast.  Here is a summary of some of the topics we covered.

US Military Personnel Receiving Unsolicited Smartwatches
US military personnel have reported receiving smartwatches in the mail unrequested. While it’s theoretically possible these could be used as spying devices, it’s more likely a ‘brushing’ scam meant to drum up fake reviews. If you receive one, it’s best not to turn it on and report the incident.

Chinese State-Backed Hackers Infecting European Hospital
A European hospital was hit by a USB attack linked to Chinese hackers. The incident serves as a reminder that robust endpoint security is vital, showing that even notorious social engineering tricks can be effective without it.

Flight Disruptions from 5G
The upcoming 5G network may disrupt some flights due to overlapping frequencies with aircraft altimeters. Potential measures to deal with this include creating buffer zones and updating aircraft equipment.

Data Breach at Airlines Due to Third-Party Vendors
American and Southwest Airlines suffered data breaches due to a hack on a third-party vendor. The incident highlights the importance of ensuring your third-party vendors adhere to the same security standards as your company and having a response plan for breaches.

Potential US Export Bans on AI Chips
The US is considering significant export bans on AI chips, a move reminiscent of past restrictions. While it may help the US maintain its technological edge in the short run, it might also incentivize foreign competitors to develop their own technology.